Daily Figment 13

daily_figment_02First Time Live Internet Broadcast from Walt Disney World?

Over at Explore the Magic, we did a live Internet radio broadcast from the Boardwalk. Our man on the scene, Michael, found a free wireless hotpsot. He pointed his webcam over the ESPN Zone and we saw and heard Illuminations. Later, we actually could kinda see Wishes!

While at Boardwalk, Michael was able to ask people questions and survey them as they walked by. We talked to a group of visitors from Liverpool! Live from the Boardwalk!

Tim Devine from The Magic in Pixels stopped by to relieve Michael for a few moments. Tim shared several of the highlights from his trip so far: his grandfather getting to be the veteran of the day at the Magic Kingdom, being the first family of the day at the American Adventure and using his brand new iPhone to update his forums and keep in touch.

So we were wondering, has anyone else done that? A live streaming radio cast from Walt Disney World?

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