Disney Rumor: Greensboro, NC.

The rumors are flying all over the Greensboro area blog-o-sphere.

You can catch one here.

The news item that is sparking the rumors is here.

What is the Disney Geeks take on the rumor? Glad you asked.

What we have seen so far:

1. Negative comments and posts about the rumor. Can’t stand the thought of big business coming in and taking over. Even worries about the plastification of Greensboro.

2. Wild gesticulations–monorails, rivers, theme parks and the loss of Greensboro as a city. Some are excited and some are negative. A little over the top, but fun to read.

3. Pundits. Trying to create an online excitement about this project. Using what facts are known and what clues that have been brought to light. Trying to build a united community to convince Disney to do this project in Greensboro.

It is probably obvious where the Disney Geeks stand!

Let’s take a look at some of the facts.

In Disney’s 2006 Annual Report, they mention “new urban entertainment center.” It is under the Dreaming section, which is one of the first times that Disney has let some of its imagineering dreams out of the box.

You can read more about this idea here. But to sum it up, here goes:
Jay Rasulo, Chairman of Disney Parks and Resorts has stated that they are “considering putting Disney-themed hotels and nightlife districts into downtown areas of major cities that don’t currently have Disney properties.” He also states, “Disney…is contemplating small, immersive ‘niche theme parks’ and water parks in other cities.”

That pretty much sums up all that we truly know.

For speculation…

1. Greensboro is centrally located between major population centers within and outside of North Carolina (Raleigh/Durham, Charlotte, Washington DC and Atlanta).

2. The land or building acquisition should be cheaper than RTP or Charlotte.

3. Greensboro has an active night life (and likes to boogie).

4. Greensboro is just a few hours away from I-95. Imagine traveler’s being able to stop over in Greensboro and enjoy a stay while on their way to and from WDW.

5. Entertainment. Disney could create a theater and show their stage productions. I can imagine that people would drive from Atlanta or DC to see Disney off-broadway.

6. The Piedmont Triad area has recently garnered a lot of media attention from landing other big businesses.

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